To infinity & beyond?

27 Dec

So, this being the end of the year, I’ve been thinking a lot about both my past and my future. What I’ve been, where I’ve come from, and what I want to become. This year has been so crazy for me. Gaining a whole new circle of friends my final semester of college this past Spring by joining gospel choir. Yeah…that made it super easy to leave everyone in May when I graduated from Taylor. Then, dealing with all the regrets of what I wish that I had done while I was at Taylor for those 4 years. And ever since graduating, trying to find a job that I actually enjoy, that fits my skills-set, and that pays well. That hasn’t been too easy. (Hence while that one’s still in process.) I had a friend a month or two back say something to me like, “It seems like you’re always interviewing for a new job.” She’s had the same waitressing job since we were in high school, and while that’s fine for her. (She was one of my best friends in high school, and is going to be getting engaged very soon, and only wants to work part-time for the rest of her life.) I kind of took offense when she said it to me, but it made me think. Yeah, I am always interviewing for a new job. That’s because I don’t plan on settling on a job that I’m unhappy in, when I know that I’m incredibly capable of doing something so much bigger. This past summer, I went from working at Christopher & Banks, to Subway (DON’T EVER DO IT!), to Lifetouch. Odd jobs in between with freelancing for Bought Records, being their sole graphic/web designer, along with some photography for any artists in the area. Then also, working once for a production company called Angry Asian Productions. Hopefully, I’ll get to work with them soon again- they were a lot of fun to work with. I also got to photograph a fashion show, and I have to tell you, that was fun, but man, was that drama-filled. But thankfully, I got to hand out lots of business cards to the models/designers, and two of them have already contacted me about setting up photoshoots. Speaking of that, my project that I mentioned a while back, I plan on starting the 2nd of the year. That (hopefully) well be the first photoshoot for that project. I’ve gotten lots of people interested in it from as far away as Vienna, Austria, and in all types of media, including marketing, writing, illustrating, and modeling. I’m really excited about that. I had another interview this past week for position of Creative Designer at Waynesburg University. I should be finding out within a week I figure if I got it or not. Okay, so enough about my past. What do I want next year to be like? Well, I’m not really sure yet, but here are a few ideas I’ve come up with.

1.) As much as I love living rent-free, I’d really like to move somewhere to get a job that really fits me. (And hopefully find a roommate so that I’m not having to sell an organ to pay for rent?)

2.) To go along with that, a job that I actually enjoy, that pays well. =)

3.) Another goal, as this year’s was to get a 15″ MacBook Pro (and I finally did!) But this next year’s goal is to get a better camera. I’m thinking of switching over to Nikon, but I’m still not sure yet. I really like my camera, but I know that a more-expensive camera will improve my photography.

4.) I’d also like to work on marketing my business better than I already am. I know that I’ve done okay so far, but I want to do even better next year. I also want to get a print portfolio together. I haven’t printed many of my photos, and I really want to do that this next year.

5.) This is a little more random, but to read more. I really love reading, but never find the time to. Maybe I should renew my library card. =)

6.) Oh, and possibly get more organized? Yeah, that’d be nice.

7.)And the last one that I can think of right now: That when other people talk about me, they say something like, “I hear that she’s really making a name for herself.”

Anyway, I’m off to enjoy coffee from my new Keurig in my new Vera Bradley mug. =)


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