Project 365. Day 11.

12 Jan

Okay, so here’s today’s design. I’ve been trying to think of different things that I can do with my patterns, so if you have any suggestions, I’m totally open to them.

I just booked a wedding for next month with a girl that I went to middle school with. It’s so strange, because today was the first day that I had seen her in nearly 10 years.

Okay, here are a few more links for you:

Heliotrope I love these. Someone want to get me one? =)

Snow Sculptures I don’t know how they do these, but they’re awesome. I want to go out someday (maybe after the next snow) and make some snow typography =)

Desi Colours Where do people come up with these things?

Today and Tomorrow This is really clever, and I love the fact that it’s in French.

Once again, I’d love to hear any feedback. Thanks!


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