Vintage Canvas

16 Jan

I might do a design later tonight, but I went to Michael’s today, and bought a bunch of art supplies, and made this. As usual, I spent too much money there. The photo is from a magazine, but I did a lot to it. I’m really enjoying designing something tangible, as opposed to just doing something on a computer. While I was down in Morgantown, I did some more photoshoot scouting, and found a bunch of places. I’m pretty sure that I made some people mad though, because I was driving slower than the speed limit so I could look at the surroundings. Oh well, they’re over it now. I have a couple shoots scheduled for the next couple weeks.


One Response to “Vintage Canvas”

  1. Ruth January 26, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    Angie, this looks great! You should do more of these! Did you look at Cindy G’s stuff on etsy? Because this is totally the type of stuff she does. You could sell these…

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