Question 9: How well do you handle a busy schedule?

23 Sep

Okay, so no outfit post today, or tomorrow for that matter. It’s not that I didn’t wear anything- I did. Promise. I just had no time to take any photos of the outfits because I was busy taking photos of other people. Yesterday, I had work and then headed up to Pittsburgh to do a photoshoot with a group of models. After spending half an hour just trying to find a space to park around the Cathedral of Learning, I finally found a place. It’s not that I cared about walking a distance- it’s that I cared about walking a distance carrying 4 garbage bags of balloons. However, after a half an hour of searching, my pride gave up, and parked in the first available space I found.

Anyway, here’s a preview of the shoot: It was in the theme of Juicy Couture. Tomorrow, you may get to see some of the photos of the final shoot of my internship with . (Seriously, how has it been 6 months already??)


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