Question 19: Do you ever slow down?

8 Oct

Okay first of all, don’t judge me for these photos, lol. I didn’t bring my camera with me, and all I had was the camera on my phone, haha. This week has been the biggest pain. Both figuratively and literally. I’ve had this terrible headache in my temples/behind my eyes, to the point where it feels like someone’s stabbing me. So not fun. Add on top of that the fact that I haven’t had an appetite all week + extra stressful work  + life in general changing before my eyes, and you get just a little feel for what my week has been like. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve had to start taking supplements to specifically help to manage stress- since I’m obviously incapable of it lately. Ugh. Next week is going to be better. I’m just gonna keep telling myself that. I tell ya though, if it weren’t for a few of my friends, God, my mom and the gym, I’d be an absolute wreck. I’m photographing a reception tomorrow near Pittsburgh & a full wedding next week at Heinz Chapel. Both of those should be fun. Hopefully anyway. Anyway, for the outfit, the pink shirt is another thrift store find. The turtleneck underneath it, I’ve had for probably 7 years (way back to high school.) The pendant actually came from Michael’s craft store (it’s a pin) that I just added to the chain. The brown chain belt came from Goodwill. The pants (that ended up practically falling down on me by the end of the day) came from JCPenney’s & the shoes are Pierre Dumas a la Gabes. 🙂


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