Question 26: What if your alarm clock takes a day off?

15 Oct

Let me just say that I hate being late. I always have. I’m the kind of person that will always show up to something at least 15 minutes early, if not more. Well, today, my alarm clock decided it wanted to take the day off. And to add to that, my normal “internal alarm clock” which normally goes off at 8 a.m. was broken too. I woke up at 9:46 a.m. After a minute of trying to figure out exactly what day it was, I finally realized that it was Thursday, and that I should have been at work 46 minutes ago. I wasn’t that worried though- thankfully, people at my work are super chill about that kind of thing, and I just made up my hour during lunch. Funny thing though…once I got to work, my boss came down- not to reprimand me & not to ask why I was late- but to see what I wear when I’m running late! haha. Thankfully, I had picked out my outfit the night before. 🙂

Oh! And I got my coat back from the drycleaners today! I can trust them after all.

Striped shirt- Worthington (JCPenneys)

Shoes- Nine West (TJMaxx)

Black Shirt- Lola (I think they came from Rave?)

Belt- Came from a shirt from Old Navy

Pants- George (Walmart)

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