Question 33: Maybe I should watch what I say?

23 Oct

Yesterday, my sarcasm got me in a little trouble at the Fright Farm. See, it’s a haunted hayride/haunted house- it’s super elaborate. And well, one of the actors roared/growled at me, and me…well, not knowing that he could get out from behind the window he was in, I kinda sarcastically growled back at him. Haha, so he jumped over the window, and started following me. lol. I hate things to do with Halloween, so I don’t know why I went in the first place, but it was kind of fun. One of the actors (a male funeral director) hit on my friend Kyle while we were there. Too funny. One of the set ups they had there was a strip club- it was poking fun at Ben Roethlisberger. (sp?) Well, one of the actors there said something to me like “I’ll see you in 5 years!,” and I (thinking that I was talking to Kyle) was like, “What, does he think I’m 13?” It ended up being the same guy that had said it to me…he had followed me (like, an inch behind me) and then he and another guy ganged up on me. Ahh, lol.  This outfit isn’t exactly what I wore to Fright Farm. I changed the skirt for a pair of jeans, and the shoes for a pair of *gasp* Chuck Taylors that I haven’t worn since possibly freshmen year of college. Funny thing though…Kyle and I completely matched- down to our jackets. (He was wearing a black and white plaid shirt with jeans) Totally didn’t plan it.


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