Question 38: Plans? What plans?

28 Oct

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot up in Pittsburgh. I’ve come to find, especially lately, that your day will never work out exactly as you had planned it. For example, yesterday’s shoot was supposed to be with both a male and female model. I got to the location a little early, to find that the female model had texted me to ask if we could push back the shoot a half an hour. Sure, lol. Around the time the shoot was supposed to start, she was still nowhere to be found. Hmm…so I texted her, waited & then called her…only to find that her phone was dead. Oh dear. So, I jumped out of the car, and started walking around, hoping maybe we’d see each other. Thank God I did. The male model had actually been there..but not being able to get a hold of either of us, left. Oh well. The shoot still went well. 🙂

Sweater- Confess (Macy’s)

Pants-  Style & Co

Sunglasses- Rue21


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