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Question 45: What exactly was I doing yesterday that made me so busy?

12 Nov

I got so busy yesterday that I forgot to take a real picture of my outfit, so this one from Photobooth is just going to have to suffice for this post. So, what exactly was I doing yesterday that made me so busy? Well, working of course, then directly after work, working out. By the way, I’m not sure why, but I must have pushed myself harder yesterday than I’m used to, because today my legs are super sore. Right after working out, I drove home, hopped in the shower, and got ready for the second time yesterday. Picked up a friend of mine, and then we drove down to Morgantown. We decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Bdubs, as I know it. Speaking of which, how many of you have actually heard of the term “BDubs”? The guy I was with had never heard of it until I said it. Hmmm….maybe it’s an Indiana thing? Of course, when we got there, a parade was about to start on that very street. It was so much fun trying to find a parking space, ha. The waiter there at BDubs was horrible. Just horrible. Actually, every time that we’ve gone there, the service has been sub-par. After dinner, we headed to Barnes & Noble so Kyle could get his mom a present for her birthday & then we picked up coffee. Oh my gosh. While we were there, I saw a girl I went to high school with. So freaking weird. I’m not sure if she recognized me or not, because I look a bit different than I did back then. Once we got back to Waynesburg, we watched Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince. (I had never seen it before.) Oh, speaking of which, we’re going to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter next Thursday!!! 🙂 hehe.  Btw, if you’re interested in seeing my latest photography work, check out my Facebook Page. I have another photoshoot tomorrow, 2 on Monday, one on Wednesday, and another next Saturday, so it’ll be updated regularly.


Question 43: What do you think? Another photoshoot!

9 Nov

Yesterday was another photoshoot day. I got to work with an absolutely incredible model. I also ended up going to bed at around 7:30 last night because of my sinus medication. I got to sleep nearly 12 hours, minus being briefly woken up by a text on my phone. Oh, I forgot to mention! I got an offer to work with a production company in Pittsburgh coming January as their photographer. I worked with them once pro bono last year. Still not sure what all it will entail (It’ll only be part-time), but I’m excited nonetheless. Anyway, here’s a couple shots from yesterday’s shoot. 🙂

Shirt: Thrift

Pants- Nine West

Shoes- Rampage (Macy’s)

Belt- Thrift

Scarf- Thrift

Question 42: Need a break?

7 Nov

Weird weekend. Saw the first snowflakes of the season yesterday. And all three of my photoshoots were cancelled yesterday. I guess that I needed a break, and a chance to catch up on all my other photos that have been needing edited. I should have another shoot tomorrow. *hopefully* I don’t hold my breath with anything these days though.

Jacket- Halmode Petites (Thrift)

Pants- Thrift

Shirt- H&M

Belt- Thrift

Shoes- Carlos Santana

Necklace- Made by Me!

Earrings- Thrift


Question 41: Didn’t I warn you?

5 Nov

I’m really lagging on my posts lately. In my defense, I did warn you. 🙂 I’ve been swamped with photoshoots. (I have 3 tomorrow & another on Monday!) Hmm…what else has been going on ? My furnace at home decided it wanted to stop working when it’s freezing out. Thank God for space heaters. I’ve been applying like crazy to jobs lately. Still no word from any of them. Anyone wanna put in a good word for me? I can give you my resume if you want. 🙂 Anyway, here’s what I wore…Wednesday I think, haha, and here are a couple shots from Wednesday’s shoot. Striped Shirt- Worthington

White Shirt- Vanity

Belt- Rue 21

Jeans- Nine West

Shoes- Macys



Question 40: Do you have a normal sleep cycle?

3 Nov

This outfit is actually from Monday. I refuse to put away my summer wardrobe- I just use sweaters & tights to make it a little more “fall appropriate.” Nevertheless, I still froze when I went out to dinner in this on Monday.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be having less time to update this blog this month, but I will try my best. See, I have 10 photoshoots in the next 2 and a half weeks, and that’s on top of my job at Waynesburg U. My sleep schedule’s already out of whack. (For instance, the night before last, I slept for 3 and a half hours, and last night, I slept for 12.) Oh dear, I needed that. I think that I could have slept longer, except I have to go to Pittsburgh today for a shoot. Btw, if you’re interested in setting up a shoot in the near future, you might want to sign up for my Christmas email list, which will have discounts for next year! Just comment to be added to it. 🙂

Sweater- White House Black Market

Dress- Drama Gold

Tights- Park Avenue

Shoes- Pierre Dumas

Belt- Gabes

Necklace- Made by me!


Question 39:Is it a small world after all?

31 Oct

Sorry about the lack of posts the past couple of days. My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster lately. I did a photoshoot yesterday. The model actually knew a few of my friends from youth group in high school. Such a small world, lol. I’ve gotten a bunch of shoots booked up for the month of November, but still have a few free dates open if anyone wants to do a shoot around the Pittsburgh area!

Shirt- Forever 21

Jacket- Thrift Store

Shoes- Nine West

Jeans- Lush


Question 38: Plans? What plans?

28 Oct

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot up in Pittsburgh. I’ve come to find, especially lately, that your day will never work out exactly as you had planned it. For example, yesterday’s shoot was supposed to be with both a male and female model. I got to the location a little early, to find that the female model had texted me to ask if we could push back the shoot a half an hour. Sure, lol. Around the time the shoot was supposed to start, she was still nowhere to be found. Hmm…so I texted her, waited & then called her…only to find that her phone was dead. Oh dear. So, I jumped out of the car, and started walking around, hoping maybe we’d see each other. Thank God I did. The male model had actually been there..but not being able to get a hold of either of us, left. Oh well. The shoot still went well. 🙂

Sweater- Confess (Macy’s)

Pants-  Style & Co

Sunglasses- Rue21