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Question 43: What do you think? Another photoshoot!

9 Nov

Yesterday was another photoshoot day. I got to work with an absolutely incredible model. I also ended up going to bed at around 7:30 last night because of my sinus medication. I got to sleep nearly 12 hours, minus being briefly woken up by a text on my phone. Oh, I forgot to mention! I got an offer to work with a production company in Pittsburgh coming January as their photographer. I worked with them once pro bono last year. Still not sure what all it will entail (It’ll only be part-time), but I’m excited nonetheless. Anyway, here’s a couple shots from yesterday’s shoot. 🙂

Shirt: Thrift

Pants- Nine West

Shoes- Rampage (Macy’s)

Belt- Thrift

Scarf- Thrift


Question 38: Plans? What plans?

28 Oct

Yesterday, I had a photoshoot up in Pittsburgh. I’ve come to find, especially lately, that your day will never work out exactly as you had planned it. For example, yesterday’s shoot was supposed to be with both a male and female model. I got to the location a little early, to find that the female model had texted me to ask if we could push back the shoot a half an hour. Sure, lol. Around the time the shoot was supposed to start, she was still nowhere to be found. Hmm…so I texted her, waited & then called her…only to find that her phone was dead. Oh dear. So, I jumped out of the car, and started walking around, hoping maybe we’d see each other. Thank God I did. The male model had actually been there..but not being able to get a hold of either of us, left. Oh well. The shoot still went well. 🙂

Sweater- Confess (Macy’s)

Pants-  Style & Co

Sunglasses- Rue21

Question 31: What’s one of the best feelings you can get?

21 Oct

What’s one of the best feelings you can get? How about the feeling of fitting into a pair of jeans that you never have before? So excited that I finally fit into these pin-striped jeans that I got on ebay a few months ago. They had just been sitting there for months unworn, much to my dismay. And yesterday, I just got the sudden urge to try them on and see if *maybe* I would finally fit into them, and I do! 🙂

Shirt: AGB (Macy’s)

Pants: Lux (eBay)

Necklace- Goodwill

Belt- Came with another shirt- not sure?

Shoes- Carlos Santana


Question 30: Can I have a break from staring at my computer?

20 Oct

Yesterday was a pretty boring day. Nothing really great happened & nothing really bad happened. Even after my normal day of work, I came home and spent at least 5 more hours editing wedding photos. I’ve seriously spent over 24 hours since Sunday editing those photos, and I’m only halfway. It’s a really good thing I like doing it.

Blazer- XHilaration

Shoes- H&M

Pants- NY&C0

Jacket- Rue21

Belt- Gabes

Shirt- Vanity


Question 28: Can’t a photographer wear anything but the color black?

18 Oct

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday. I photographed an all-day wedding up in Pittsburgh on Saturday, so there wasn’t really need for an outfit post, since once again, I was wearing all black plus, I was busy editing those photos all day yesterday. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous & the couple was so sweet and fun. I actually felt more comfortable at that wedding than I have at some weddings where I knew the couple. Weird, lol. After I came back from that long day of shooting, I went over to a friend’s house and we watched Mad Men til about 1 a.m. Only a couple more episodes and I’ll be caught up to the 4th season! Thank you, Netflix, 🙂

Like I said, yesterday, I spent most of the day editing wedding photos, but I did go to the Harvest Festival for a little while, and got this unique necklace there. The beading is done with crocheted copper.

Shoes: Michael Antonio (Gabes)

Shirt: Ebay

Jeans: Lexi

Necklace- Handmade at the Harvest Festival

Belt- Thrift



Question 27: Can I come in? You have to say it first.

16 Oct

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a while- thank God. With this outfit, I actually changed the pants & shoes after work, and went to dinner at Cheddar’s with a friend of mine, along with going to see “Let Me In” at the movie theater. I surprisingly actually enjoyed it (for the most part at least.) I hate movies/books/whatever else with vampires in it, but the story line, IMO was actually pretty good. I did have to close my eyes for a few scenes though, haha. 🙂

Jacket- Lipstick (Gabes) $10

Shirt- Ebay

Pants- NY & Co (Gabes) $5

Shoes- Carlos Santana (Gabes) $50

Necklace- Yard sale? I think, lol .


Question 26: What if your alarm clock takes a day off?

15 Oct

Let me just say that I hate being late. I always have. I’m the kind of person that will always show up to something at least 15 minutes early, if not more. Well, today, my alarm clock decided it wanted to take the day off. And to add to that, my normal “internal alarm clock” which normally goes off at 8 a.m. was broken too. I woke up at 9:46 a.m. After a minute of trying to figure out exactly what day it was, I finally realized that it was Thursday, and that I should have been at work 46 minutes ago. I wasn’t that worried though- thankfully, people at my work are super chill about that kind of thing, and I just made up my hour during lunch. Funny thing though…once I got to work, my boss came down- not to reprimand me & not to ask why I was late- but to see what I wear when I’m running late! haha. Thankfully, I had picked out my outfit the night before. 🙂

Oh! And I got my coat back from the drycleaners today! I can trust them after all.

Striped shirt- Worthington (JCPenneys)

Shoes- Nine West (TJMaxx)

Black Shirt- Lola (I think they came from Rave?)

Belt- Came from a shirt from Old Navy

Pants- George (Walmart)